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Representative Cases

1. Los Angeles Superior Court

Prosecuted lawsuit from filing complaint through a three-week jury trial. Complaint alleged the defendant took money from his partners to invest in a business in China, but instead pocketed the money and fraudulently claimed it was lost to corrupt Chinese officials. The jury rendered a verdict of fraud, and awarded a judgment of $265,000. We successfully enforced the judgment.

2. Los Angeles Superior Court

Prosecuted lawsuit from filing complaint through a two-week jury trial. Complaint alleged non-payment for goods sold and delivered. Defendant filed a retaliatory cross-complaint alleging violation of trade secrets, unfair business practices and breach of contract. We successfully litigated the action to a judgment in our client's favor for the full amount sought in the complaint for over $200,000.

3. San Bernardino Superior Court

This is a typical lawsuit reflecting the complexity of litigation proceedings when foreign law is involved. It also shows the importance of digesting the evidence from a client and presenting the same to the court in an efficient manner in order to obtain the most favorable results for our clients. When this office was retained, the client's bank account had already been frozen and business stopped due to a preliminary injunction brought by the plaintiff based on false evidence. The client was demanded to pay a grand judgment of over one million dollars, based on allegations that he received goods worth the judgment amount. Through skillful gathering of the facts and interpretation of the evidence, we were able to review import documents containing obvious discrepancies which the previous attorney had overlooked and which should have been pointed out to the court at the very beginning. Our office gathered the evidence, including writing to the International Trade Office of China requesting documents which proved the case to the opposing attorney so that she dismissed the case before the court even heard the evidence. The client's legal dilemma was quickly resolved at a very minimum cost in attorney fees whereas the huge judgment of over one million dollars was threatened against him before he approached this office. This case demonstrates our office's ability to work well with Chinese officials and businessmen, and understand the legal and cultural aspects of doing business across the Pacific Rim.

4. Los Angeles Superior Court

Our client had a judgement for over $1 million dollars which no other attorney had been able to collect for almost ten years. The debtor had transferred all of her property to her relatives living overseas. We obtained evidence that the property transfers were fraudulent and we served the overseas relatives as defendants in a lawsuit to declare them additional judgment debtors, resulting in the debtor voluntarily paying the judgment before trial.

5. United States District Court, Central District of California

Our client came to us after an arbitration award had been made against him by the Chinese International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC). Because of the size of the award, he thought his only option was bankruptcy. In fact, that is exactly what other attorneys told him. With a thorough knowledge of CIETAC arbitration rules and enforcement/defense of arbitration awards, we proved that the award was unenforceable because the arbitration panel had not complied with its own rules and law. As a result, we appealed and the award was thrown out by the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

6. United States District Court, Los Angeles, California

Successfully defended clothing wholesaler against claims of copyright and trademark infringement. Also prosecuted counterclaims for unfair business practices and trade libel.

7. United States District Court, Los Angeles, California

Defended major Chinese food processing company and its American subsidiary against claim by an international food company for trademark and trade dress infringement. Responding to initial multi-million dollar demand by the plaintiff, We supervised litigation and discovery in Federal Court, and resisted effort to obtain a preliminary injunction which could have put our client out of business. As a result, lawsuit was settled on terms which required no payment of money by our client.

8. Orange County Superior Court

Defended clients against claims by former employers that clients had misappropriated trade secret customer lists and/or engaged in unfair competition when they left their job to work for a competing company or start their own firm. Each of these cases had remarkably similar allegations. The former employers' claims were never proven. In each case, we successfully fought off a preliminary injunction and our clients did not have to make any payment.

9. Los Angeles Superior Court

Two among several cases in which we successfully defended clients against claims brought by former employees alleging wrongful termination, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and/or disability discrimination.

10. Los Angeles Superior Court

Obtained a preliminary injunction ending a multi-million dollar boiler room scheme to defraud with phony foreign currency transactions. The defendants ran advertisements and made cold calls claiming immense returns on trades in foreign currency, and when members of the public invested with the defendants, they uniformly lost all of their money. An investigation revealed that no actual foreign currency trades had been made, and the defendants merely pocketed the investors' money. In cooperation with the California Department of Corporations, we obtained a judgment against the defendants, many of whom were subsequently indicted by the U.S. Attorney and convicted.

11. Los Angeles Superior Court

Successfully recovered investment and profits due in a real estate limited partnership after client had been frozen out of the partnership and deprived of the partnership profits by the general partner. This case involved use of forensic accounting and expert witnesses to determine the profits due because the general partner had engaged in numerous accounting gimmicks to falsify the records, such as double billing, false billing, and fraudulently concealing the partnership's income by not reporting cash receipts, among other tactics.